”Krystal Spaulding helps women manifest the relationship of their dreams!” on Activate Your Gifts, Episode #152

January 23rd, 2022

Krystal Spaulding is making waves with her natural gifts as a relationship coach.


For years, she helped her private clients and retreat attendees break down walls to rebuild lives they had a hand in creating... instead of continuing to live unintentionally. Now, Krystal helps women get to the root of why these women keep attracting the same men and gives them the tools to stop the same negative thought patterns that attract negative situations.


Krystals methods are different. They're unique. They focus less on the man and more on the individual. These women start to fall in love with themselves. They attract what they become.


Her newest program, The Reclamation, is now open for enrollment.


Message her to join: https://www.instagram.com/inspireyourdamnself/


Krystal is a member of my Gifted, The Mastermind, where women activate, embody and expand their divine gifts to attract ideal clients and make limitless amounts of wealth.

”Erin Haag on a mission to empower women to know their numbers!” on Activate Your Gifts, Episode #151

December 6th, 2021

Erin Haag is ONE OF A KIND!! She's known as the Pricing Whisperer among her 71 clients in 2021, alone!


She's quadrupled her revenue in the last year and knows exactly how to help you do the same, by knowing your numbers!


I'm proud and honored to have her as a private client and Gifted Woman Mastermind member. Not only will you increase your sales, you'll also laugh your ass off because she's a former show stopper... listen to this episode and you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!


to work with Erin on your biz numbers, click here:



to find out about Erin's upcoming retreat:



”Higher Self Guided Meditation” on In My Sweats Podcast, Episode #150

November 10th, 2021

I love calling in my higher self when I crave moments of clarity. She always says the right thing. You can be her now.


You can too and easily in this 5 minute guided meditation. Enjoy!

“A guided meditation on creating abundance” on In My Sweats Podcast, Episode #149

November 5th, 2021

I love guided meditations, think you'll enjoy this 8 minute one :)

“10 minute update on business, mold detox and marriage” on In My Sweats Podcast, Episode #148

October 8th, 2021

I can't believe it's been 7 months since I've recorded an episode!!


I've been healing my throat chakra and my body as I detox from mold and pesticide poisoning and WOW!! You'll hear quite a reflection on where things were a year ago and how the word PERSEVERANCE played into creating a very abundant year with tons to be grateful for.


AND... how you can shine in your sweats and share your light regardless of how you look on the outside... while dropping your child off at preschool.



“Jessica Riverson: the ability to give and receive at the same time ,” on In My Sweats Podcast, Episode #147

March 25th, 2021

"The concept of giving and receiving at the same time is success. There's certain aspects of mastery and here's a few examples..." - Jessica Riverson


She also talks about how accepting a diagnosis of Hashimoto's changed the way she did business. And how she started in the business world taking mindset courses, but realized that energy and spirituality work played an even bigger role in the soul of her business.


Jessica is and was my FIRST coach who helped me scale to six-figures. We worked together for 5 years and counting. I love her. She's changed not only my business, but my life.


Jessica Riverson is an intuitive business coach who mixes strategy and soul in her famous Facebook group called, The Feminine CEO™️ Coaches Community-Scale to Multi-Six Figures with Soul.


“kassidy carranza teaches women how to holistically create more happiness,” on In My Sweats Podcast, Episode #146

February 25th, 2021

kassidy carranza is a mental and gut health guru, believer in balance.... She empowers women to reconnect with their health and create a life they love, from the inside out.


excited to bring you this flowing female, former member of our Activate Your Gifts Mastermind where she brought her gifts to the surface and maximized them day to day!


find her here:



her spots fill fast for the reclaim your power experience (only two spots left for February 2021!):



“what the hell was 2020 and welcome to 2021,” on In My Sweats Podcast, Episode #145

January 16th, 2021

This year I want to get even more real... more authentically me, that means we're talking about: business, relationships, auto immunes and energy healing.


In this episode I'm taking you on a recap of 2020 for me... epstein barr virus, mold toxicity and more... buckle up sister and get in your sweats.

“listen to this if you’re struggling with anxiety, panic attacks or fear,” on In My Sweats Podcast, Episode #144

July 29th, 2020

If you've been struggling lately do to the ongoing "Great Pause/Awakening" and your anxiety/fear/panic seems to be looming right above the surface, listen to this NOW.


Get out a notebook and pen because you're going to have takeaways from top medical experts and intuitives that have helped me manage feelings of panic/anxiousness since my first panic attack of my life that happened two weeks ago.


Not only are you getting tools and techniques, I'm also encouraging you to go IN, when we've been sold the idea that the answers exist when we go out.


If you're new to energy clearing, spiritual growth or unhealed trauma, you're in for quite a ride!!!!


ALSO, new trainings and a new module is being added to the 8-Week Deep Activation:


“All of your feelings are meant to be experienced during the Great Pause,” on In My Sweats Podcast, Episode #143

May 20th, 2020

Sista - a few jokes from the universe that I had to share and that I think you'll find funny and how the panic has settled into my bones. I'm teaching you all about what I do when I feel like a nutcase who's on the verge of tears...motherhood, business owner and wifey to a ghost.


Sharing a few tips and tricks to settle your anxiety and fear during this interesting season of life.

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